Marine Gps Helps Keep Your Boat On An Even Keel

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Modern technology offers the modern mariner a wide range of electronic options. Many of the most recent marine devices are fully integrated with GPS-capable electronics. GPS can do more than just help you find your way to your destination. GPS has the ability to track your movements and return you safely to your destination. You can also set waypoints to mark important finds on the way. It allows you to mark the location of a wreck, beautiful coral reef, or great fishing spot and set a waypoint.

Maritime Industry Guide – Similar to sonar technology that bounces sound waves off of objects below the surface, marine GPS devices use radio signals from satellites orbiting the Earth at high frequency and low power to determine your location on the seafloor. The receiver receives these signals and calculates an x/y coordinate to mark your location. You have a powerful tool that can help you find the best fish, explore deep sea wrecks or navigate along rocky coastlines on Sunday afternoons.

An automotive GPS overlays the vehicle’s x-y coordinates on maps in the United States and other countries. It can then determine exactly where you are, and guide you to another place. The various contour maps that marine GPS electronics create of rivers, lakes and oceans are used by marine GPS electronics. These marine maps are partially the result of human exploration, and partly derived using satellite imagery.

GPS is an automated technology. However, maps can change as we learn more about ocean bottom. Maps can also be updated with new information. Your marine map will be more accurate the older your GPS device. It’s possible to upload newer maps onto your older marine electronics. This is something to look out for when making a purchase. If a wreck is discovered that was not known before, it will be added to the ocean maps.

BlueChart, a popular map set, combines satellite imagery below the ocean with aerial photography of coastline lines and coastal roads to provide superior navigation on the coast and along the coast. BlueChart G2 Vision, an optional plug-in to some marine GPS devices, provides 3D views above or below the waterline.

You should also look out for marine GPS devices with CANet that can connect to other similar equipped GPS devices to keep you in touch with other boats in your area. CANet allows you to share maps, waypoints, and other information. This technology can be very useful if you own a fleet of boats. Just transmit the coordinates of the best fishing spots.

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